FitKids Fitness Afterschool Program Testimonials  



"Over several years, both of my boys had the opportunity to work out at FitKids.  FitKids offers excellent instruction and creative programming. By  keeping kids moving and building their strength and confidence,  “FitKids”  learn to make healthy lifestyle choices.   A well deserved thank you to Eric Bissonnette and his dedicated team for their terrific support!" 


 Heather Wilson  


Wilson Insurance Ltd.  




"Sending my kids to FitKids after school was the best childcare decision I could have made.  Both of my children (boy and girl) looked forward to going there everyday after school.  They got more fit, took their sports to the next level and had an opportunity to learn that fitness can be fun, not a chore.  Even though they are too old to go now, they still work out there with me from time to time and continue their fitness lifestyle.  Thanks FitKids!  You have created two more future leaders that will make fitness and health a priority in their lives!" 


Jill Green, P. Eng. 
CEO || Green Imaging Technologies, Inc 




"Our family loves the FitKids program! Our son Cameron has attended the Afterschool program and the summer camps for the past 3 years and I recommend this program to all my friends and family. The staff are fantastic; they are energetic, friendly, organized and genuinely dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for the kids. I have seen my son grow in  many ways as a result of this excellent program; his fitness level has increased, he is stronger, more agile, and self-confident. The kids learn about the importance of health and physical fitness. And as they become more aware of their own strength and unique abilities they also gain a mental strength from following through and achieving their goals. These are all positive benefits he has gained from this inspiring program and engaging environment.  


I am grateful that we have a program like this in our city. "


Angela Whilock 



Hi Eric and Nick, 


"I just wanted to say, thank you so much for accepting Georgia into your program.  I am seeing big changes in her ability to focus, and in herself confidence!  This past weekend she competed with her FAST team in Oromocto.  She has been competing for a couple of years now and, for the first time, Georgia placed first in her heat in all four of her events; 50M Backstroke, 100M IM, 50M Butterfly,  and then for her grand finale she won the 200M backstroke by two full lengths!  I truly believe this is a result of the cross training she has been doing with you and your team.  She was truly surprised by her own ability.  As her mom it fills my heart to see her so proud of herself.  Of course I am extremely proud of her as well.  I can’t thank you both enough for helping her get a glimpse of her potential.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I am so grateful you are a part of our village. "






"FitKids, with their programs and staff, have nurtured a strong ethic of self-responsibility, fitness, team work and fair play in our boys.  We could not have chosen a better place for our two boys during these formative years. Thank you FitKids!" 

Colleen O'Connell & Jeff Campbell - parents of Sam and Venel (V) 
FitKids Afterschool and Summer Camps 2010-2014 




"When looking for a childcare location for our 8 year old son at the time, FitKids was our location of choice in Fredericton.  FitKids provides a structured routine in a positive and fun environment that focuses on children’s physical and mental health.  It is designed for the young athlete or youth who loves the gym environment and the outdoors.  Daily, the routine dry-land training is delivered at an elite level is enhancing our son’s cardio, leadership characteristics and overall wellbeing.  FitKids staff are athletic and competitive, yet empathetic and compassionate providing an incredible mix of leadership and mentoring in the gym and in our community.    We could have only imagined a childcare provider that enables our son to compete in life, school and sport at the highest level. Now we live it!"

Neil and Jennie Jacobson